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Media/Interview Requests

For major media requests (television, radio, print), please use the form below or message my manager at For podcast and blog interviews, please note that my interview calendar is generally booked out for several weeks, but I’d love to make it happen if I can. To maximize the time and give you the most value, it’s ideal that you have an established audience and a consistent body of work. We want to make the most of it and make the greatest impact, so you don’t want your interview with me to be practice! (Cue Allen Iverson’s famous soundbite). Just use the form below and briefly share your relevant metrics (listenership, number of episodes completed) and we’ll get back with you asap.

    Health & Fitness Questions

    I’ve concentrated many of the best tips, tools, insights, and strategies for countless health & fitness topics into my podcast, The Model Health Show. I’m honored to say that the show is regularly the #1 Health podcast in the U.S., and it’s really a wealth of information that you can consume on demand! If there’s a specific health topic you have questions on (heart disease, autoimmune diseases, cancer, obesity, etc) just type the keyword(s) you’re looking for into the search box on the right side of the page and you’ll likely find some game-changing resources instantly. There’s a good chance that I’ve already addressed what you’re inquiring about, so please do that FIRST before using the contact form.

    For almost a decade and a half, I worked as a Strength & Conditioning Coach and Nutritionist, but have since closed my private practice to focus on reaching more people via writing, speaking, and creating more episodes of my show. Because I’m no longer in practice, I’d recommend contacting specific guests from my show (via their own contact page) or a functional or integrative physician in your area. I do, however, do a monthly Q & A for members of my private online program The Fat Loss Code. It’s a body transformation program and the AMAZING community that I think you’d love. But, if you know anything about the work I do, it’s far more than just creating a great physique. It’s about creating vibrant health inside and out!

    After covering the bases above, if you still have a general inquiry, please email and someone on my team will respond as soon as possible.

      Invite Me To Speak

      A big part of my impact and what I love to do is speaking at live events. I pride myself in being a world-class performer on stage and providing an enormous amount of value. Because my time is my most important asset, I have to be selective about the events I speak at. I’d love to see if your event is a good match, so please review my speaking page right here and use the contact form to get us connected: Speaking Events