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"In Sleep Smarter, you’ll learn how sleep impacts your mind, body and performance, plus practical solutions to help you get the best sleep ever."

- Jonathan Bailor
Times Bestselling Author of THE CALORIE MYTH

Better Sleep Will Transform Your Health

„I would have never imagined that sleep could matter so much. I spent years on medications to help me sleep, tossing and turning at night, and nothing seemed to help.

Then one day everything changed...

I discovered that a good night's sleep begins the moment that you wake up in the morning. And the things that I did during the day would payoff big dividends when I laid my head down on the pillow at night. With better sleep I saw faster weight loss, better grades in school (I was still in college at the time), and a total transformation in my health overall. My life was changed in a powerful way and I had to let the world know about it!

After graduating from college, working in a clinical practice, speaking at countless conferences, and reaching the lives of hundreds of thousands of people, I had the unique opportunity to see, test, and study what works to optimize sleep at the highest level. In my new book Sleep Smarter, I share the most valuable tools and strategies that I've gathered over the years to help you get the amazing, rejuvenative sleep that you really need.

Sleep Smarter is a fun and entertaining look at how sleep impacts your body, brain, and performance, and it's jam-packed with real world tools to help you recharge your life by revolutionizing your sleep. ”

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Sleeping Smarter Will Upgrade These Key Areas

Weight Loss

Find out the surprising facts about sleep and weight loss, plus exclusive tips to help your body burn more fat during the day by sleeping deeper at night.

memory & focus

Get an in-depth look at how better sleep will instantly give you a better brain. Upgrade your memory, supercharge your focus, and see better results in every area of your life.


There's a common misconception that more sleep equals better sleep. You'll learn how sleeping smarter for six hours will trump nine hours of subpar "cheap sleep" any night.


The vast majority of physician visits today are for stress-related illnesses. Discover the shocking sleep-stress connection, and learn how to instantly reduce your body's overall stress load.


Many people sacrifice sleep in order to get more done in their life. Little do they know that their work quality and consistency are suffering in a major way due to sleep deprivation. Find out how to radically improve your productivity, get great sleep, get more done, and actually enjoy the process.


Heart disease, diabetes, and cancer are all at epidemic proportions. Discover the awe-inspiring connection between sleep and our society's major health issues. Plus, find out the tools and strategies to turnaround the most challenging health issues by optimizing your sleep.


There is an energy crisis in our world today, and it's not just with natural resources. Millions of people are struggling with poor energy and chronic fatigue, and you're going to learn how small changes with sleep will result in unbounded energy throughout the entire day.

What Experts Are Saying

If you are looking for the most comprehensive guide on enhancing your sleep, beating insomnia, and using cutting-edge, proven techniques to optimize the most important part of your body's repair and recovery, then you found it. Sleep Smarter contains everything you need to know in one convenient, succinct summary. I will definitely be recommending this book to any of my clients who want to sleep better, deeper, and of course, smarter.

Ben Greenfield

New York Times bestselling author of Beyond Training

Shawn Stevenson's Sleep Smarter is the first book I recommend to leaders who want to achieve peak performance. Most people try to maximize their "time" when the real secret to productivity is to maximize your energy, and that begins with getting enough great sleep. This book will quickly put you to a good way.

Kevin Kruse

New York Times bestselling author

The fact is, to be happy, healthy, and productive, we need to get enough sleep. Sleep Smarter is a terrific resource for anyone who wants a great night’s rest.

Gretchen Rubin

New York Times Bestselling author of Better Than Before and The Happiness Project

One of the missing pieces in the health conversation today is the importance of sleep. In Sleep Smarter you'll learn how sleep impacts your mind, body, and performance, plus practical solutions to help you get the best sleep ever

Jonathan Bailor

New York Times Bestselling author of The Calorie Myth

If you're not sleeping, you're not healthy. Shawn Stevenson helps unravel our modern sleep crisis with clarity and focused solutions that can start helping you tonight.
A must read.

Dr. Pedram Shojai

New York Times Bestselling author of The Urban Monk, Founder of Well.Org

get to know

the author

Shawn Stevenson is a bestselling author and creator of The Model Health Show, featured as the #1 Health podcast in the country on iTunes.
A graduate of The University of Missouri – St. Louis, Shawn studied business, biology and kinesiology, and went on to be the founder of Advanced Integrative Health Alliance, a company that provides wellness services for individuals and organizations worldwide. Shawn has been featured in Entrepreneur magazine, Men’s Health magazine, ESPN, FOX News, and many other media outlets.
He is also a frequent keynote speaker for numerous organizations, universities, and conferences.

Shawn lives in Wildwood, Missouri with his wife and three beautiful children.

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